QC Hunters

Locations and licensing for hunters in the Quad Cities!

QC Hunters

QC Hunters

Hunters in the Quad Cities have access to a wide range of resources in terms of locations and harvest. Quad Cities comprise of the region in North Western Illinois and South Eastern Iowa and have rich natural resources for QC Hunters.

Hunting has become an annual activity for QC Hunters. Fresh meat and great outdoor entertainment prove to be the main outcomes of hunting in the Quad Cities.

Bucks, Dove, Pheasant, Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Bobcat, Duck, Goose, Teal, and so on are available for hunting in the Quad Cities.

QC Hunters enjoy the annual hunting and make it a family tradition which also contributes to food for the family and helps control excessive wildlife population in the area. Appropriate licensing is a must for QC Hunters depending up on the type of hunt and location of hunt.

QC Hunters Licensing

QC Hunters Licensing

QC Hunters can get permits from Iowa or Illinois Department of Natural Resources depending on the state they hunt in a year. Some hunters get permits from both states and plan hunting on the allowed dates. Dove hunting starts earlier in both states followed by buck hunting.

Different types of licensing is available in both Iowa and Illinois for QC Hunters. The type of permit varies for the animal hunted on that day. QC Hunters can check the permit they have on the DNR websites. Limited tags are issued depending on the season and the DNR plans for the hunting season.

All hunters are expected to behave responsibly and adhere to state, federal, local, and land owner's rules at all times. QC Hunters can prepare by researching the resources available on the DNR websites. Hunters are recommended to check the hunting season and dates on thier permit before getting out for the hunt. Hunters are required to process the game meat in an appropriate manner.

QC Hunters Gear

QC-IL Licensing

The IL DNR regulates the licensing for Illinois Quad Cities Hunters. Hunters are required to take hunter education courses or trapper courses before seeking license. Strict regulations are in place for hunting zones and hunting firearms.

Resident and non-resident permits are available and hunters are encouraged to apply when the dates are open. IL hunting licenses are also issued for youth, apprentice, military, and disabled hunters. Online applications are preferred to paper applications as the paper permits take more time to process.

QC-IA Licensing

IA DNR is responsible for hunting licenses for Quad Cities Iowa hunters. Combo licenses are issued for hunting, fishing, and habitat stamps. Mandatory education and residency verification must be completed for the permits.

Licenses can be bought from approved retailers. QC Hunters can register for hunter education and get required training. Proper awareness is necessary before getting hunting licenses.

QC Hunters Locations

QC Hunters Locations

Quad Cities has many hunting zones within comfortable driving times. Many rivers in the area including the Mississippi river and the Rock river make QC favorable for hunting. The hunting land providerrs also offer camping opportunities for hunters. Thick forest preserves and vast open lands are set for managed hunting in the QC.

In Illinois Quad Cities, hunters can target North Western region which provide high wildlife areas such as the Starved Rock and Johnson Sauk Trail. Licensed hunting preserves are set aside for public use for different hunting games.

Iowa Quad Cities hunters must check the Approved sites such as the Crow Creek or Subula. Respecting the private proeprties is expected out of the hunters. Any trespasssing is subject to local criminal charges. Often, the hunting zones and the private areas have common borders and hunters must be aware of the boundaries. Use of technology is recommnended for exact positions and borders.

QC Hunters Networking

QC Hunters Networking

QC Hunters network through different channels such as the local groups, Facebook pages, store clubs, and so on. Social networking is common for the hunters in the area. All hunters communicate with the groups to know the ongoing changes and latest rules for the season.

Used gear such as the clothing, fire arms, tree stands, or any other equipment can be exchanged through the networking channels. Private land owners can communicate to the network if they are allowing hunters for a given season. Similarly, gear providers can post discounts and offers on the social media channels.

QC Hunters do look out for each other during the hunting season. The opening day is the most busiest day and hunters follow strict discipline to not disturb other hunters. Showing off their hunt with pride and reporting the kill are common practices of QC Hunters.

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